SmartKarma is a decentralized global investment research platform providing curated, independent and high-quality research, backed by the world's best venture capitalists. With Skilledd, Smartkarma was able to find great tech talents for their engineering team quicker and easier.

Before Skilledd

Like all companies, Sartkarma has an in-house team as well engaging with various recruitment agencies and platforms for recruitment and hiring.

While this gave them a degree of control and supervision over the process, they also face several challenges, especially in the engineering team.

These challenges were the reasons they tried Skilledd.


Difficulty building up a good candidate pipeline

SmartKarma used to spend a considerable portion of their working hours on recruitment tasks. In particular, they spent a lot of time just getting a pipeline of candidates set up.


Uncertainty on candidate requirements

There was also uncertainty over what skills and technical competencies they actually needed for candidates to fulfil the roles intended.

This slowed down their recruitment process and drove up costs due to the significant time and effort the team needed to invest into hiring each new headcount.


Massive drain on man-hours and effort

SmartKarma's lean engineering team had to spend time on the vetting process for candidates.

The hiring process had thus become a drain on their engineering productivity. Afterall, “time hiring is time not spent coding.”

How Skilledd Helped

When the SmartKarma team tried Skilledd as a solution to their hiring issues, they quickly noted the difference it made to their recruitment methods. As Ken Tran, VP Product at Smartkarma shares:

“Skilledd takes a partnership approach and really goes above and beyond to understand our team’s needs, skill sets, tech stack and the type of people we’re looking for. It’s effective because when the candidates come through, they are already vetted, and we’re assured of quality. We spend our time now mostly in due diligence on personality/cultural fit.”

This led to several improvements in the team’s hiring procedure and results.


Increased pipeline quality

According to the company, one of the chief benefits of the platform was that it supplied quality candidates to them quicker.

With pipelines of prequalified candidates always at the ready, SmartKarma’s hiring team found itself able to get into gear quickly when needed


Assistance in talent requirements needed

Skilledd strove to understand what the Smartkarma team needed and helped them interpret those needs in terms of candidate requirements.

This meant that the SmartKarma team no longer needed to spend time trying to identify all the prerequisites they had to specify for candidates, resulting in reduced time and effort spent for each hire.


Much less time and effort spent on vetting

Smartkarma noted the significant time and effort reduction in their vetting time as a key benefit of Skilledd’s platform.

The team explained that during hiring periods, they would normally have to allocate 25% of their work week to interviewing and reviewing candidates.

This didn’t even account for logistics such as follow-ups, negotiation, contracting, and so on.

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