Find and hire top engineers in South-East Asia.

Hire faster and smarter by connecting with the best tech talents who fit your business's needs.

Talents are pre-qualified through technical and non-technical assessments and interviews, and you will only be recommended talents that match your job openings' criteria and preferences.


Hire tech talents across multiple roles.

From Front-End Engineers that work on your web application and React Native Developers developing your iOS mobile apps to Back-End Engineers creating and deploying your APIs and databases, Skilledd's talent pool has the tech talents for your requirements.

Speak with assessed and profiled talents only.

We don't just pass you resumes and CVs for you to evaluate. We give accurate and in-depth understanding of a talent's skills and profiles in an easy to understand manner.

All the information you need to make a great hire, all available at a glance. Greatly reduce the time and effort to grow your team.


Why hire through Skilledd?

  • Access South-East Asia's Top Talents

    Skilledd lets you reach great talents in South-East Asia. All talents are assessed, profiled and screened through our platform, so you know exactly where they stand in their skills.

  • Get exact matches.

    We will provide direct matches for job openings so you only interview talents that are the best fit. We even provide profiles based on communication and company culture requirements.

  • Hire ever-improving talent.

    We do not just assess talents. Our platform allows talents to continue to improve on their own skills and knowledge by having a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as well as access to education resources.

Hire your next tech talent in just 4 steps.


Tell us your hiring needs.

Share what roles you are looking to hire and what engineering challenges you are facing. We would also like to know the culture and working process of your team, as well as whether you are open to remote workers globally.


Get recommended talent profiles.

We match talents that we believe fit well with your requirements from a skills expertise, communication ability and culture-fit level.


Interview talent.

Jump on a call with the recommended talents to see if they are indeed the right fit for your company in terms of technical skills, communication ability and culture-fit. The chances are high that it is, as we have already pre-qualified them!


Hire talent.

Whether you are looking to engage them as an remote offshore full-time hire or an on-site full-time employee, we can assist accordingly. The only thing left is to onboard your new hire!

We've helped startups to scale-ups hire great tech talents.


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