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We know that planning your career as a software engineer can be difficult. We’ve been there too.

We know exactly how to help.

Register your profile with us (it’s free!), and we’ll provide you with the training and match you with opportunities to get to where you want to be.

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Are these problems familiar to you?

Employee unsure of her career prospect illustration

Driven and hungry to learn,

but not getting the right training or opportunities to grow at your current company?

Employee trying to deepen their programming skills illustration

Trying to hone and deepen your skill sets,

but don’t know how or which area you should start with?

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Searching for good job opportunities,

but finding it difficult to get quality career matches?

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Want to take the next step in your career.

by working in an international firm, but not keen on relocating overseas?

Build your profile with Skilledd and gain 100% clarity on your capabilities.

We have relevant and specific technical assessments you can take that’ll give you a clear indication of your current proficiencies and areas of expertise: whether you’re a Vue or React engineer or a Java or Python engineer..

After each assessment, you’ll get an in-depth analysis on your strengths and shortfalls in that domain. The results will also be updated in your profile, so you’ll have a consolidated view of your overall capabilities

The best part? These resources are available at absolutely no cost to you.

You can use the information to seek further training in a specific area, apply for more roles that match your strengths, or simply as an indicator of where you stand within the industry.

At Skilledd...

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We care about your personal development and career goals.

Your long-term growth is important to us, so we’re not going to match you with just any job opening.

Roles will be offered to you based on your technical skills and experience. And, most importantly, they’ll be aligned to your preferences, so you can achieve the career growth you want.

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You’ll receive 1-to-1 guidance and preparation for potential roles.

Our talent coaches are tech gurus themselves, so they know exactly what top companies are looking out for.

They’ll advise you on how to improve your profile and which areas to get further training in so you stand a better chance with your desired company.

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You’ll be valued and recognised for what you can bring to the table.

We partner up with companies who are looking for valuable talents to hire and grow as part of their core offshore teams.

This means that you’ll be given plenty of chances to learn and grow within the team, and also contribute to key projects that drive the company’s goals.

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We’ll connect you with the right opportunities, at the right time.

It only takes 4 steps


Build your profile on Skilledd

It’s a simple process! Just complete our onboarding documents and virtual screening (we’ll call you) to create your profile.

Once you’re logged on, you take as many technical assessments as you’d like on our platform. These will be reflected in your profile - the more tests you take, the higher your chances are of being matched with higher-level jobs.

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Review and improve on your skills and expertise

With every assessment completed, you’ll receive a detailed and insightful breakdown of your current strengths and weaknesses.

From there, our talent coaches will guide you on the next steps you can take to bring your profile and skills to the next level.

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Land interviews with your preferred companies

You’ll be matched with more opportunities as your profile improves.

Each opportunity will be closely aligned to your given level of experience and skills.

At this stage, companies will be on the lookout for a candidate who’s a good fit for the current team culture. (We’ll guide you with handling this too!)

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Receive an offer and get started into your new role

You’re all set to start the next phase of your career!

But your journey with Skilledd doesn’t have to stop here.

You can continue to upskill yourself with our training programme, so you’ll stay eligible for any new and more senior roles we’ve got on hand.

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