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Get offers for roles that match your current skills and preferences. Startups, scale-ups and large international corporations across the world hire via Skilledd. If you're looking to work for an international company, Skilledd can help you.

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Complete our technical assessments and get a detailed profile evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. You will get full clarity on where and what you need to improve to become a better and more sought-after tech talent.

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We share what technologies, knowledge, frameworks and skills are in demand by the job market so you can be one step ahead of the talent pool and not just future-proof, but advance ahead of your peers in your career.

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With every assessment completed, you’ll receive a detailed and insightful breakdown of your current knowledge and skills strengths and weaknesses. We will direct you to learning resources for free so you can continously learn and improve your profile by re-taking assessments.


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As your skills and knowledge improve, your profile will be automatically matched with job opportunities from hiring companies that are looking for these skill sets. Get ready for interviews! Companies will be on the lookout for culture-fit at this stage with candidates.


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Pick the company you prefer from multiple offers and kickstart your new role. Continue to improve your profile with us over time to ensure your skills and knowledge are up-to-date with future trends to ensure you have a great future in your career.

Talents we have helped get hired

Rijal Rizki

"Thanks to Skilledd, I got a chance to work with international peers in a high-growth tech startup and have gained valuable work experience. And the best thing is I can work remotely from home."

Yoga Kurniawan

"Skilledd's screening process helped me to clearly identify my strengths and weaknesses. This allowed me to present myself in the best possible manner to potential hiring companies and landed me my ideal role."

Hendrik Tekayadi

"Skilledd has an effective placement process, but they do not just stop there. They also helped arrange for proper onboarding which to ensured I assimilated into the role quickly and seamlessly, setting me up for success."